pic by Lana Fourie

Simon Witvrouw was born on the 4th of July  1984 at Leuven.
He grew up with the dance music of his father’s seventies dance orchestra ' The Midnights' and the music of his grandfather who was a classical piano teacher.
Simon started taking music lessons at age 7 and got his first electric guitar at age 10 .

​ At age 12 he got the chance to jam with the guys from El Fish (Filip Casteels, Steven De Bruyn) and with Jmx (Jean -Marie Aerts) in a local pub. He's love for the blues kept growing after that .

In 2002 he was laureate of the axion classics concours in duo with Lynn Cassiers. In 2004 he was finalist, and played at the Montreux Gibson International Jazz Guitar Competition in Montreux, Switzerland.

Simon had lesson and followed masterclasses with: Dre Pallemaerts, Frank Vaganee, Peter Hertmans, Hans van Oost, Serge Lazarevitch, John Scofield, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pat Martino, Bobby Mcferrin, Kenny Werner, Richard Bona, Chris Potter, Julian Lage, Martijn Van Iterson, Jesse Van Ruller, and many others. ...

In 2002 he was invited by Frank Vaganee, together with Robin Verheyen, as guest soloist with the famous Brussel Jazz Orchestra. They played a concert ('sos jeunes') at Flagey (Brussels). Simon was lucky to share the stage with: Dre Pallemaerts, Filip Casteels (El Fish), Jean -Marie Aerts, Willywilly (The Scabs), Christoph Erbstosser, Nicolas Kummert, Alexi Tuomarilla, Andrew Claes, Bram Weijters, Yannick Peeters, Sara Meyer, Piet Verbist, Chris Joris, Bart Borremans , Joachim Saerens, Louis Favre, Pj Seaux, Joachim Badenhorst, Janos Bruneel, Toon van Dionant, Brussels Vrt Orchestra, Dree Peeremans, Steven Cassiers, Ewout Pierreux, Tutu Puoane, Yves Peeters, and many others in projects like Song of Revolt, Gitara, Sammy Cuba, Egon, Koen Deca, Jazztafari, Dameblanche, e.o.

​Simon  wrote and played music for the music theatre 'Laura/Oda’ for which he toured together with actrice Hanne Struyf. 

​With his own band Mojostar he made a record ('Mojostar'). The band had some radio airplay (classic 21, Radio 1, Stu Bru,..). They played shows in Belgium, the Netherlands and France like Swing Wespelaar, Bluestrain FM session, Gentse feesten, Primusfeesten, Parkrock, Dijlefeesten, Bombardonderdagen, Rijmrock, écouter Leuven, Classic 21 session, Radio Urgent session, Schapenrock, Parkblues,.. . 

In 2012 Mojostar had the chance to open up Suikerrock in Tienen on the mainstage before Triggerfinger and ZZ top.

Now, Simon started a new band: WITVROUW. A new adventure, a new journey. 

He also started the band Potato Caravan that plays songs of the fantastic soul jazz and funk music of the 60s and 70s (The Meters, Grant Green, Kenny Burrell,...) . 

Some other ideas and projects are developing and are on the way... 


keep posted !